How to Stop Bad Dog Behaviors In Seconds

Wednesday, October 04, 2023 | By Amy Johnson

Grandpaw is a bad dog.

A bad, bad dog. I know people say there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners, but they’ve never met Grandpaw.

He was born a nightmare dog.

I adopted him from the shelter when he was 6 months old as a Christmas present for my kids and he was impossible to train from the moment I got him.

He ripped up all my stuff, growled at the kids when they went near his toys, he barked constantly, he was a nightmare to housetrain, he pulled on the leash so hard it seemed like he wanted to hang himself.

I tried to crate train him, but he ended up ripping up every bed I put in the crate with him.

I took I took him on long runs everyday.

I tried shaking pennies in a can at him, spraying him with water, giving him treats, nothing was working!

I even took him to a dog trainer who would cost at least $2300. I signed up anyway…

But the dog trainer did one training session with him and refused to train him again…because Grandpaw bit him!

He shook his head as he handed back Grandpaw’s leash to me, showing me the long red gash on his arm. “Sorry! “he said, “Some dogs are just untrainable, I think your dog has mental problems. The best thing to do might be to just get him put down.”

I was at the end of my rope. I couldn’t let a vicious untrained dog around my children, no matter how cute he was, and no matter how much I loved him.

The last straw was when he bit my 4 year old.

All my kids cried when I explained that Grandpaw couldn’t live with us anymore – he needed to go live at a farm.

And by farm, I meant I had to go take him to the vet to be put to sleep. There was no way anyone would want to adopt a terrible, untrained dog, that bit a child.

When I arrived at the vet, Dr.Todd and explained my situation, while Grandpaw pulled at the leash like crazy, barked and growled at him, Dr.Todd just shook his head, and pulled a small black device from his pocket that looked like a TV remote.

He pointed the device at Grandpaw and pressed a button.

To my utter shock, Grandpaw stopped growling immediately.

Then Dr.Todd said, “Down!” when Grandpaw didn’t obey, he pressed the button again, and as soon as he did, Grandpaw lay down, he even flipped onto his back and showed his belly, wagging his tail.

“I understand your problem,” Dr.Todd

“Training a dog, can be extremely tough, but training a dog like this is even more difficult.

“It’s not your fault though, you just don’t have the right tools.

“Please give Grandpaw one more chance, you’ll be surprised at how good he can actually be with the right training techniques.

He proceeded to tell me about this device called the Barks No More. She called it her “secret trick”.

“This device uses ultrasonic dog training technology.”

“It’s extremely new and I believe it to be the fastest and cheapest way to train a dog ever.

“It works so well on dogs, it even works on wolves – zoo trainers use them on wolves in the zoo.

“I came across it when I was researching how they train dogs in the military. It is a device that acts like an extremely advanced dog whistle and play a consistent, ultra-high frequency sound.

“What this does is it grabs dog’s attentions significantly better than any manual whistle could and gets them to stop their bad behavior in their tracks.

“It’s honestly shocking how quickly it can stop bad behaviors – and although it’s loud enough to get them to stop their bad behavior, it’s 100% painless.”

“How do I use it exactly?” I asked. I couldn’t believe there was a way to train Grandpaw, when I thought he was just a naturally bad dog.

“It’s very simple since it was made for people with no experience.

“Whenever Grandpaw is performing a bad behavior simply press the button on the Barks No More.

“I’d also recommend attaching a command to it like “Stop!” so you can just say that and won’t even need to use the Barks No More after a few times.

“You’ll see him stop what he’s doing and look at you – once he stops the behavior then you follow up with a treat so in his brain the pattern of ‘when I stop barking I get treats’ will solidify.
“The best part is this also works for all animals and can be applied to any bad behaviors!

“Aggression, barking, howling, digging in the yard, jumping on house guests, chewing things they shouldn’t be and almost any other behavior you can think of.

I thanked the doctor and left.

When I got home, I looked up reviews for the Barks No More online.

Here’s what I found:

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

“I have five dogs, all different breeds and sizes. My two youngest ones are the reason I decided to try the Barks No More pet trainer. Little did I know it would be how I train all of my dogs! It’s just so effective at promoting good behaviors and stopping the bad. I’ll never use another pet trainer again!

Does the job… literally.

“My dog used to bark up a storm at the smallest of noises. Now, after just one week of using the Barks No More, I hardly ever have to tell them to stop. Their behavior is almost completely back to normal!

One of my best purchases this year

“AMAZING! Just do yourself the favor… get the Barks No More now. I mean, unless you enjoy grumpy, misbehaving pets?!”

After reading these stand out reviews and seeing that they had a money back guarantee, I ordered the Barks No More right away. It felt like I had no other choice.

Either the Barks No More worked, or I would have to get Grandpaw euthanized – or let him bite one of my kids again and cause even more damage this time.

I prayed this would work.

After a few days the Barks No More arrived.

The next time Grandpaw started chewing something he wasn’t supposed to, I pointed the Barks No More at him and pressed it.

He immediately stopped and started looking at me.

The next few times he started misbehaving I used the Barks No More and he stopped every time!

I couldn’t believe it, it was actually working! Within a week he stopped bad behavior completely.

Even my kids had to admit he was like a brand new dog. They get to play with him while he is as calm as a golden retriever

Now that Grandpaw is trained properly, he even seems happier.

I couldn’t be happier either!

If you have a dog and they have some behaviors you’d like to fix, I can’t recommend the Barks No More enough!

Even Though It Worked With Grandpaw, How Would Other Dogs React To It?

We know Bryan is an expert dog trainer and that it worked for Grandpaw, but we wanted to find out if this was something that would work with every dog. We reached out to about 50 of our friends and most of them agreed to try it out but we had to narrow it to 20 people!

We bought 5 of these devices and let everyone try it for a week.

It took about a month but we ended up testing about 24 dogs (some people had more than 1 dog). Including the following breeds:

– Chihuahua

– Labrador Retriever

– Yorki-Poo

– German Shepherd

– Boxer

– Husky

– Weiner Dog

– Bulldog

– Rottweiler

– Great Dane

– Poodle

– Yorkshire

– Gold Retriever

We just told them to follow the easy steps we mentioned above and in 23 out of 24 dogs, the device got them to stop the bad behavior almost instantly!

One really bitter Chihuahua was not really taking to it but he was 12 years old so it may have been a bit too late. (There was another Chihuahua in which it worked perfectly on).

My friends Yorki-Poo is usually a nightmare when we go over there so I was so happy to come over and not be attacked by a 6 lb Tasmanian devil for once.

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Hannes Siemons

Has anyone used this themselves?

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Belinda Schäfe

Hey Hannes, yes, the bags works like a charm. Got 10 for all over my house and no smells anymore!!

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Sabine Wright

This Barks No More device is perfect for silencing my 4 little dogs when they all get to barking...I have yappy dogs so every time I move they all bark so I really needed something to help me train them. I have been using the trainer for a couple weeks now and most of the time I only have to pick it up and they stop barking. So much better than those shock collars (which I would never use) and a lot cheaper than Obedience Training. This is a must have for dog owners.

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How long does it take to ship to Kentucky?

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I heard about this on Fox news!

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Wow, great idea. Perfect for when he's digging in the yard

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Bought a couple for my schnauzers! How long will it take for it to arrive?

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It took mine 4 working days.

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Very easy to use and the device actually works, should have gotten this sooner.

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