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Quickly Get Rid of Dogs & Cats Bad Behaviors

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Don’t Pay For An Expensive Trainer: Easily Stop Excessive Barking & Bad Behaviors

This amazing dog training technology will make it incredibly easy for you to get your pet to stop excessive barking, digging, eating furniture and almost any other behavior you can think of.

It emits a high-frequency sound that will instantly grab your dogs attention (without hurting them) that will get them to stop what they’re doing.

All you have to do is use the Barks No More when they’re being bad and when they stop the bad behavior, give them a treat after.

It’s that easy

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Barks No More Ultrasonic
Remote Trainer
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The Barks No More Ultrasonic Remote
Trainer Works With Dogs & Cats For Bad Behaviors Like:
Barking At The Door
Aggressive Behavior
Chewing or clawing furniture
Begging For Food
Jumping on People
Digging In The Yard & More
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Want a step by step example of how to use the Barks No More?
Here’s how to stop excessive barking at the door:

1. As soon as your dog starts barking, calmly stand up and walk to the door. Never yell at your dog for barking, it will increase his energy level and make the problem worse.

2. Step in front of the dog, positioning your body between him and the door.

3. Point Barks No More at the dog then press and hold the Ultrasonic button.

4. Take a step towards the dog, essentially using your body to push him back from the door.

5. For extra stubborn dogs you can activate the strobe light feature in addition to the ultrasonic sound.

6. Once the dog has backed away from the door, let go of the sound & light buttons. Allow him to calm down for a moment and then open the door.

7. Remember to reinforce your dog’s good behavior, as soon as they do what you want. Give him a small treat / verbal praise/pet them to let them know you’re happy with their good behavior. Keep your Barks No More close by so that when training opportunities come, you’ll be ready.

8. You can modify these steps as needed to work for your training situation. Train, Treat & Repeat!

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Where Can I Get This?

Due to overwhelming demand from features on many news websites, inventory has been difficult to maintain. As of today there is a limited supply of the Barks No More Ultrasonic Remote Trainer.

Normally, this is when companies raise prices, but because Barks No More is looking to corner the entire market in pet training devices, they’re offering 50% off to all first time customers while this last batch of stock lasts.

There are currently under 237 units available.

If the next page says “sold out”, don’t worry, they’ll still be available for full price later on when they restock!

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